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Natto Starter

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Natto Powder 10g x 10

Ingredients: maltodextrin, natto powder

How to use: the main ingredient is active natto powder. You can add it to water and drink, or you can use it to make natto beans

How to make natto beans:
1. Get 150-200 g of dried soy beans. Wash.
2. Soak for 24 hours in fresh water. They will swell quite a bit.
3. Cool the beans. Pour off the soaking water. Use an auto cooker or a pressure cooker to steam them (note, in an auto cooker it may take around 3 hours. Cool until you can easily break the beans with your fingers. Keep the cooking liquid once they’re finished.)
4. Let the beans cool, then dissolve a packet of natto powder in a little cool water. Mix the dissolved powder and the cooled beans well. Cover with a lid and put into “Natto Machine” to ferment.
5. Ferment for about 20 hours. You’ll see a cap of white foam develop on top and you’ll be able to smell it clearly. This is success!
6. There are lots of things you can use your fermented beans for! Store in a sealed container in the fridge.